Our Approach

Our Approach

CBS was inspired by customers while working at different machine tool companies. Customers seeking a reliable quality machines and fast dependable service when they needed. Customer's success in their business is our priority concern. By providing a right equipment instead of selling what we have in stock. A trust and quick response service, not like others have a great slogan - "Factory Trained" technician. It turns out servicemen on the phone asking for help most of time or shooting in the dark and machines have same problem still unsolved.

Our Story

Our Story

CBS Machinery and Tools founded on 2000. Since day one, CBS has not exhibited any machine tool show nor pay any machine-tool magazines. All our customers are 100 percent via referral or repeating customers. Word of mouth is stronger than any advertisement


Meet the Team

Neville Chen

Founder & CEO

Heng Ji


Next Steps...

Looking for a light out facility? Improve your productivity multifold and better quality parts? Or just a non-repeating service call?